I believe that we have incredible potential to heal ourselves. We were born with an inner voice that guides us throughout life. But this voice often gets buried because life is busy, complicated, and messy at times. There are many demands for our attention. Eventually we can find ourselves just going through the motions—on autopilot—and living a life without passion. My approach is to come alongside you to help you to discover your true self again.  

Healing occurs when all our aspects are balanced: our minds, bodies, spirits, and emotions. I specialize in healing that connects the mind and the body in order to balance all of these elements. The path to healing often lies deep within us; we just have to find it.  

My sessions involve a variety of methods to help you find your path. I use an integrative approach—drawing upon my years of therapy experience, my intuition, and many healing techniques—to find a combination that will work for you. 



I am able to work with most issues, but I have highlighted a few of them here:

Depression and mood issues



Stress management

Coping with life changes

Grief and loss

Setting healthy boundaries with others

Physical pain

Energy blocks

Weight Issues

Sleep Difficulties